Troubleshooting Common Garage Door Opener Problems

Modern conveniences are supposed to be just that – convenient. A Genie garage door opener certainly fits that description. It does all the work while you sit in the comfort of your vehicle, basking in the air conditioning or watching as the rain falls. If you’re leaving home, it saves you the time you would have spent opening the door, driving out, and then stopping to close the door. As you can see, it’s very convenient.

But what about those times when a convenience doesn’t work as it should? The word frustration doesn’t really cover it; aggravation may be a better description.

There are ways to troubleshoot common problems with your garage door opener, so you’re not saddled with a door that is neither up or down, will not stop opening and closing, or won’t work at all. Here are a few helpful hints:

If the door doesn’t open or close with the remote, it could be for a few different reasons. You could be out of range, so move closer. The antenna on the motor units might not be hanging down or is blocked. The remote battery may need to be replaced, or the remote unit itself may need to be reprogrammed.

If the door doesn’t open with the remote or the wall switch, check the lights. If they are not on, the opener unit does not have power. Make sure the motor is connected, then check the outlet and the breaker to see if you have an electrical problem.