How to Keep Mice From Getting In Your Garage This Winter

Colder temperatures are here, so that means that all of the other living things that call their home the environment are trying to find somewhere warm to stay. Whether that warm place is your home or your garage, these guests are going to find their way into your living areas if there are spaces for them to fit into. One of the most common problems homeowners have is with mice in their homes and garages during the winter. Here are some ways to keep the mice out of your garage for the winter months so you and your family can go on enjoying this time of year without interruption.

Find the exposed areas of your garage – One of the first steps in getting rid of mice in your garage is to find the areas that they are entering in through. These could be small cracks between your garage floor and wall, pipes, or even underneath the garage door. They can enter in through holes that are smaller than the size of a nickel, so it is important to seal them off to prevent these critters from making a home in your space.

Keep your trash secure – Since mice have an incredibly keen sense of smell, it is essential to secure your trash pails from where they can enter. Securing your garage cans means that you need to fully close your bins or bag your trash tightly to prevent any smell from emanating.

Use peppermint oil – If you have done the above bullet points in preventing mice from entering your garage, try using peppermint oil to keep them away. Since their noses are extremely sensitive, the pungency of peppermint oil will keep them away from your garage. Try placing the essential oil on cotton puffs near the areas where the mice are most likely to enter.

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