A Quick Primer on Garage Door Materials

In today’s market, homeowners are not starved for choices. Garage doors in Denton, TX, are available in different materials, which serve as the basis for their form and functionality. Here are a few of the most popular materials to create doors:


Wood: The classic material, wooden garage doors are well-known for their striking visual appeal and longstanding sturdiness. Different species, like oak, pine, and mahogany, provide astonishing details, which are further accentuated by brilliant finishes. Wood doors are also highly customizable.


Aluminum: Aluminum garage doors are amongst the lightest available in the market. They do not rust easily, which makes them an ideal choice in coastal communities. When installing a garage door opener, aluminum doors are also chosen because of their manageable weight.


Steel: Steel doors are a popular choice for a new installation, as they provide strength and security to a garage. On top of that, they boast a wide range of customization options–including special finishing that allows steel doors to look similar to wood. Steel configurations can also be insulated.


By considering your options in garage door materials carefully, it will be easier to make the choice that will meet your needs. You can also arrange a consultation with a garage door company to gain insight on which materials are a good fit for your new door.