What to Do If Your Garage Door Won’t Close

It’s happened to almost everyone who owns a garage: your garage door won’t close all the way and you’re not able to figure out why. If you’re unsure of your next steps in figuring out why it’s not functioning properly, we’ve compiled some checkpoints in investigating the root of the problem.garage door that won’t close

Is it all clear? – Checking to see if something is in the way of your garage door closing is the first step. Many times, it’s something small or not visible to the naked eye that is blocking your garage door from closing. Potentially, something could also be blocking the sensor as well – like dirt or leaves. Make sure everything is clear so it’s able to close fully.

Are the limits in check? – The next checkpoint is checking the opening and closing limits. These help to tell your door how far open and closed it should go. If the limits are too sensitive, it can be reading the garage floor as something that is potentially in the way. Refer back to your opener’s manual to learn more about setting limits correctly.

Are the tracks in line? – Check to see if your tracks are working properly and there’s nothing blocking them either. Additionally, if the tracks are not lubricated enough or are bent in some places, your garage door will not close all the way. Check your door’s tracks and make sure they’re aligned when solving this issue, and it may be a quick fix to get your door to close or open fully again.

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