Your New Garage Door Checklist

Is it time for a home makeover? Giving your house a facelift can involve everything from construction and landscaping to paint and a new garage door. The door makes a major difference as it adds to the curb appeal by taking up so much of the front of a home.

Picking out the perfect door from all of what Genie garage door sales Denton, TX offers can be tough. Once you’ve measured your door and gotten your home’s exterior where you want it to be, you are ready to move into the next phase of decision-making. To help prepare you for what’s coming, here is your handy garage door checklist:


Aesthetic Choices

Styles & Color – Make fun choices as you evaluate design options, like country, modern, traditional and more. Choosing the look and color will set your house apart from the rest of the neighborhood.

Custom Details –The little things can make a big difference. Adding styled hinges, handles, windows and panels change the look of an ordinary garage.

Stock or Custom – If you want to cut back on some of the decision-making, a stock door might be a good option for you. But if that cost-effective option feels limiting, consider a custom door that will meet all of your specifications.


Hardware Options

Materials – The type of material you choose for your door also contributes to the look of your home. There’s plentiful options, such as aluminum, steel, fiberglass, wood and composite wood.

Insulation – The inside of your door may not be visible, but it’s still important. Choosing a well-insulated door will cut down on your energy costs. With the materials that are available today, this doesn’t have to equate to having a thicker door. Just opt for one that inhibits noise and extreme temperatures.

Safety & Functionality– Make sure parts of the motor are well-covered to avoid pinched fingers and other accidents. Before heading to the Genie garage door sales Denton, TX is promoting, read reviews on parts. You want to find out if the door you are considering purchasing has a high safety rating and lasting warranty.


Once you’ve shopped around online and checked out Genie garage door sales Denton, TX, you should be able to settle on a door and opener you like. With your preferred style, color and material all set, it’s time to get started with installation! Visit the Genie Garage Door sales Denton, TX trusts;  with Genie Sales and Service Co., we’ll help you find the perfect door for your home!