Weather-Proofing Your Garage Door in Denton

Regardless of what you use the space for, your garage is an area that should not be exposed to winter’s harsh weather. Whether you store summer landscaping tools in there or have it as an attachment to your home, keeping your garage’s door sealed from moisture, wind, and cold temperatures is essential to protecting whatever is kept inside. Many homeowners make the mistake of not sealing and weather-proofing their garage door in Denton and end up paying higher heating costs, dealing with water damage, or having structural damage to the garage itself. Do not make this mistake, and follow these tips in ensuring your garage door is sealed for the winter months.

Make sure weather-stripping is intact – The first place you should check to make sure that your garage door in Denton is weather-proofed for the winter is the weather-stripping. Weather-stripping is the pieces of plastic or vinyl that protect the elements outside of your garage door. It acts as a barrier between the outside of the door and the inside, sealing off any moisture from entering the garage. Weather-stripping can become unsealed throughout the year due to the age, usage, and installation of it. It is best to ensure that it is sealed in preparation for the winter months so that water damage does not occur.

Check the condition of your bottom seal – Like weather-stripping, the bottom seal on a garage door in Denton is often overlooked when getting ready for the cold months to arrive. The bottom seal, also like weather-stripping, help to keep the winter weather from entering inside of the garage. It is also used as a buffer between the garage floor and the door, absorbing shock from the door closing and opening. The bottom seal can become damaged due to an unbalanced door, faulty springs, or just general use throughout the year, so it essential to evaluate its condition before the winter. If the seal is cracked, broken, or has become detached in any way, it is best to replace it to help keep winter’s cold draft from entering your garage.

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