Tips for Keeping Your Garage Door Working Correctly

Whether you’re maintaining a garage door in Denton or a garage door in Dallas, it’s important to take care of it so it lasts as long as possible. From regular rail maintenance to keeping your actual door free of chips, dents, and scratches, retaining your garage door’s appearance and efficiency is crucial to not having to replace it more often than needed. Here are some tips on how to properly take care of your garage door so it’s working properly for many years to come.

Inspecting the door’s balance – Did you know one of the most common reasons a garage door is replaced is because it’s unbalanced? When checking the balance of your garage door in Denton, notice if it’s leaning one way or another more. This could be that the springs in the system it uses to open and close are damaged, not placed correctly, or loose. When this happens, your garage door opener’s motor has to work twice as hard, causing it to malfunction or burn out more frequently than a properly balanced one.

Maintaining the tracks – This is one portion of your garage door in Denton’s maintenance that needs happen more frequently than you realize. The tracks of your garage door are crucial in making sure that the door opens correctly, therefore keeping them free of any debris can help to keep them in great shape. In addition, making sure that a garage door specialist comes by to check the condition of the tracks and make sure they’re level, not dented, and are sitting correctly in your garage can also help to prolong the life of them.

Oiling moving parts– When it comes to your garage door in Denton, it’s important to keep the parts that either are in constant motion or are rubbing against something else lubricated. This is extremely important to the maintenance of the door and the opening system, since things that aren’t well-oiled can cause grinding, damage, and some serious issues overall. You can ensure that your parts are greased enough by using a general lubricant to spray the areas that need oil.

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