Three Reasons You Should Get a New Garage Door

Many homeowners take their garage doors for granted, leaving them until the break completely. This leaves them frustrated and in a crunch to get their garage door fixed. However, getting new doors that match your home and are completely functional is easier than ever! Here’s three reasons why you should replace your garage door and Genie garage door opener today:

First off, do you always wonder if your garage door is going to open when you press the remote? Replacing your door and getting a new Genie garage door opener takes the guessing out of coming home. Getting a new system ensures that you will have reliable equipment every time you press your remote.

Another reason you should replace your door is to take advantages in the new Genie garage door technology.  Did you know you can open your garage door with your smart phone? Or what about a backup battery so you can open your door in the event of a power outage? Well, you can do these things and more thanks to new technology! Also, if you plan on selling your home, buyers will pay more if garage systems are newer. It’s one less thing they have to worry about upon move in. You’ll add instant value by upgrading to a more high tech system.

Finally, changing your garage door allows you to refresh the look of your home. Genie garage door openers work with a variety of styles. Choose from contemporary to classic and get the benefits of a new system. Also, most doors come with additional options for windows and further customization. You’ll add instant curb appeal to your home while getting the functionality of a new garage door.

So what are you waiting for? Getting a new door and Genie garage door opener adds functionality and style to any home. Stop by our Genie Sales and Service Co. showroom to check out styles and parts. Genie Sales and Service Co. in Lewisville, Texas has a wide inventory that will fit the needs and budget of any household. So stop by today and explore new garage door possibilities for your home!