Things to Not Store Behind a Garage Door in Denton

It does not matter what you primarily use your garage for, you are probably using it to keep something safe. Whether you use your garage to store landscaping tools, seasonal outdoor furniture, or you just use it to house your car, the part of your home is always storing something. However, there are certain things that you should keep in there, regardless of what type of security you have on your garage door in Denton. Here are some things that you should never store in your garage and why.

Propane tanks or things that use gas – Whether it is a spare tank or you are using your garage to keep your gas grill safe during the winter; you should never keep propane here to store during any season. Since propane and gasoline can leak or burst, storing these things in your garage can put your entire family at risk. From the fumes they give off to the potential of these harmful substances igniting and starting a fire, it is best that you do not keep gas and propane tanks behind the security of a garage door in Denton.

Firewood – One of the most common places that you will find firewood is in a garage. However, the last place you should be storing your wood is in this area of your home. Even if your firewood is protected by the weatherproofing of a garage door in Denton, it still attracts pests and bugs into this space. Pests that can find their home in firewood, such as mice and various insects, can also be harmful to you and your family. It is best to keep the wood you use to heat your home in your yard, covered with a tarp to protect it from moisture.

Pictures and other keepsakes – Photo books, diplomas, pictures, and other items with sentimental value should not be stored in your garage for a variety of reasons. Regardless of what type of insulation and waterproof measure you have in place on your garage door in Denton, your garage is exceptionally susceptible to whatever kind of weather is happening outdoors. Since these type of items should be stored in places that are air-tight and free of moisture, your garage is not the right place for them to live. Instead, store your keepsakes and photographs in plastic storage containers that are safe from the elements.

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