Protect Your Garage Door in Denton with Winterizing Services

Make the right choice for your garage door by properly prepping for cold weather. Before the first leaves fall, reach out to Genie Sales & Services, your local garage experts. Our company offers a full range of installation, repair, and replacement services for garage doors and door components. This makes it easy to keep your garage door in Denton in great condition all year round.

Are you unsure whether your garage needs winter prep services? Just talk to a member of our team. We’re more than happy to evaluate your garage and help you understand what services are best suited for your needs.

Getting Ready for Cold Weather

Here in Texas, winter weather can be intense. When snowfall gets heavy and starts to block the roads, it can be difficult to get snow removal equipment out of your garage, especially when your door is on the fritz. What if there was a way to ensure your garage door in Denton will always be ready to use when you need it most? It’s possible when you rely on Genie Sales & Services.

What is Winterizing?

Don’t wait until the last minute to ensure your garage door is working. Take a proactive approach to door maintenance with help from our team. You’ll be glad you did – after all, once winter is under way, a sudden problem with your garage door in Denton could spell disaster. Protect your home and your loved ones by opting for winterizing services from our capable team.

Winterizing involves installing garage door-specific items that protect it from the effects of cold weather. Our team will arrive with these items and handle the installation process. Additionally, we can use winterizing kits on your windows, which in turn will keep your garage warmer and protect it (as well as its components) from freezing altogether.

Does your garage play host to pipes in your plumbing system? If so, winterizing your garage door in Denton should be a priority – after all, if those pipes freeze, it could spell trouble for your property. Frozen pipes could burst and destroy hundreds, if not thousands of dollars of piping, as well as ruin the contents of your garage. Prevent this with winterizing services from our company.

Contact us today to find out more about our services for your garage and garage door in Denton. We proudly serve residents of Lewisville, TX, and the surrounding areas.