Safety Tips for Garage Doors in Denton, TX, to Protect Your Home

Ward off would-be burglars by securing your garage door against uninvited guests.  While garage doors are a convenient way for you to get in and out of your home, they can also be a weak point in your security system. Here at Genie Sales & Service Co., we strive to help you prevent break-ins by teaching you how to secure your garage. Here are some of our top safety tips for garage doors in Denton, TX.

Be Aware of Your Garage Door Remote

Door remotes are a very handy tool, but they are also easy to swipe. We recommend that you never leave your garage remote in your car. Any thief who breaks into your vehicle can easily take the remote for easy access into your home.  Instead of using a traditional remote, invest in a keychain remote that stays on the same key ring as your car keys. You will always have the remote when you need it and it will be one less thing for you to remember when you leave the house.

Choose a Garage Door Without Windows
There are many different garage doors in Denton, TX, to choose from. When you are selecting a garage door for your home, we recommend choosing a door without any windows. Windows give potential thieves an easy way to check if a vehicle is in the garage– and thus if anyone is home. Already have a garage door with windows? Frost the glass or otherwise cover up the windows so that no one can peek in.

Secure the Door Between Your Garage and Your Home

No garage doors in Denton, TX, are 100% secure. To protect your household, don’t neglect to consider the door that stands between your garage and your home. Make sure it is made of sturdy materials, preferably solid wood or reinforced steel, and keep it locked. The inconvenience of using a key to get inside is vastly outweighed by the security a deadbolt on your interior garage door adds to your household. You should consider installing a wide-angle peephole on your interior door so that you can see what is happening in your garage without actually opening the door.