How to Tell It’s Time for a Tune-Up for Your Garage Door in Denton

Monday through Friday, we’re often living a life that doesn’t always allow for us to stop and take a quick look at our garage door in Denton. Whether it’s shipping your kids off to field hockey practice or just trying to make it to work on time, you’re not always paying attention to what your garage door is doing – but mainly that it’s opening and closing. At Genie Sales & Service Co, we want you to take a minute and double-check to see if your garage door is actually doing what it should, because you could miss some pretty important warning signs that it’s malfunctioning if you don’t. Here are some common things you can check to see if your garage door needs a tune-up from a professional.

Scraping noises – Did you open your garage door in Denton, only to hear an awful, scraping noise? This is usually a sign that something is malfunctioning within the supports of the garage door. It could be that your garage door is sitting too low on its support system due to the opener needing a tune-up or that your door is completely off track. It could be something completely unrelated to those two things, but it’s definitely an issue that shouldn’t be ignored and needs to be addressed by a technician.

Squeaking – While this is a common noise that a lot of correctly operating garage doors make, it’s important to take note of your garage door’s squeaking noises – especially if they’re loud. This could mean that your garage door in Denton’s pulley systems needs to be lubricated, or that there is damage to the screw or chain in general.  Regardless of what needs to be looked at, it should be addressed by a professional in a garage door tune-up.

Off balance door – When you shut your garage door in Denton, how does your door sit against the level ground? If it looks unbalanced or it seems like there are large gaps between the ground and door, it could mean that your door is off balance. This may not seem like something that’s a problem outside of aesthetics, however it’s important that you address this issue with your door because it could malfunction and cause a safety hazard. If the door is off its kilter, this could mean that the opener’s springs are too tight or too loose, which needs the attention of a professional.

If you’re looking for someone to come and check on your garage door in Denton, turn to the professionals at Genie Sales & Service Co. today. Give us a call at (972) 434-1717 and schedule an appointment with us today!