Why Your Garage Door in Denton is Opening By Itself

Has your garage door ever opened on its own, without anyone else pressing the button or triggering the opener? The good news is your house is not haunted, but the bad news is that your garage door in Denton may be malfunctioning and in need of repair. Fortunately, this is something we see a lot at Genie Sales & Service Co., so we have compiled a list of reasons as to why your garage door may be opening by itself, and what you can do about it.

Check the wiring first – One of the most common reasons why a garage door in Denton is opening on its own is that it is short-circuiting. All safety precautions in regards to electrical wiring have to be taken seriously, so if you are unsure of what you are doing, always call the pros to help you out. However, by simply turning off the electricity source before you take a look at what’s going on with your garage door’s wiring, you can get a better idea of why it is opening unprovoked. The issues could stem from the garage door opener, the keypad, or just the wiring inside of the garage itself.

Radio waves – Did you know that radio waves can interfere with your garage door in Denton’s opener? If you live close to a radio, fire, or police station, radio waves can intercept your signals to garage door opener to make it open on its own. If you think that a problem like this is causing the issues with your garage door, you can change the frequency your garage door opener is on to a different, less used one to avoid interception from happening.

It is your opener – If all else has been checked out, and your garage door in Denton is still opening on its own, it could be the garage door opener itself. Older garage door openers and units that need a replacement can many times short circuit as a way of telling you that they are in need of being replaced. Since the issue with your door opening by itself is an extreme safety risk to you and your family, it is essential that if you need to install a new opener, you do it sooner rather than later.

If you are in need of a new garage door in Denton or need some repairs done, contact the professionals at Genie Sales & Service Co. today. Give us a call to schedule an appointment at (972) 434-1717 and get your garage door’s issue taken care of quickly, efficiently, and safely.