Keeping Your Garage Safe for the Winter

Genie garage door openerNot only is winter one of the coldest times of the year, but it also is one of the most vulnerable times for your home to be burglarized. From the holiday gifts being out on display, to the frequent traveling to spend time with loved ones, your home is more at risk to be broken into than any other time of year. One of the most accessible places for a robber to enter your home is through your connected garage, so we have put together some tips on how to safeguard your garage, so you and your family stay safe.

If you are leaving, unplug – If you are going to a relative’s house for the holidays, make sure to unplug your garage door opener before you leave. This means that if your garage door opener is stolen in any way, you have disconnected the unit and whoever has the opener cannot use it.

Keep your keys with you – Since many modern vehicles have a push-to-start mechanism, putting a key in the ignition is not necessary. However, this means that car owners are more likely to leave their keys in their vehicle, making them more susceptible to robbery. Always keep your keys with you or in your home, and always make sure the garage door opener is in the same vicinity.

Make sure that your door always fully closes – When you are leaving your home and your garage door is closing behind you, make sure that it closes all the way. If it is malfunctioning and not entirely shutting, this could leave your garage and home vulnerable to robbers. Instead when you are leaving, wait to see if your door touches the ground fully before driving away.

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