Child Safety and Garage Parts

Child on tiny bike

Over time the mechanisms for garage doors have continued to improve in safety, making the space more family friendly. However, even with these adjustments, garage parts can still put children at risk.

Luckily, there are simple Genie garage door recommendations for protecting your little ones from garage door harm:

Make Children Mindful of Risks. Talk to your children about garage safety and how to properly use the garage door.  Show them that they can avoid injury by watching their hands around moving parts. Explain to them that playing near the door or by parts of the machinery can be dangerous if they don’t pay attention.

Be Aware of Where You’re Playing.  Automatic door openers may be fitted with sensors to stop movement if there is an obstacle, but children should still be aware of what’s going on around them. Getting trapped under the door or knocked by the door can lead to a variety of injuries depending on the situation. The smaller the child, the greater the potential for harm from a garage door accident is.

The Garage is Not a Toy.  Children love to push buttons and will sometimes ask to push the remote. While this is totally fine to open or close the door when using it properly, remind your children that openers and buttons on the wall are not toys. Keep remotes out of immediate reach and put wall openers up high enough where children cannot reach them.

Garage door openers are a convenient way to make your home more accessible and practical spaces. While it’s a perfect place for children to keep their outdoor toys, be sure to explain to your children the possible hazard of playing with the garage door. If you notice something on your door is unsafe, call one of our Genie Garage Door experts! We’re here to help you a functional and safe garage door for your home.