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How to Keep Mice From Getting In Your Garage This Winter

Colder temperatures are here, so that means that all of the other living things that call their home the environment are trying to find mouse getting in through genie garage doorsomewhere warm to stay. Whether that warm place is your home or your garage, these guests are going to find their way into your living areas if there are spaces for them to fit into. One of the most common problems homeowners have is with mice in their homes and garages during the winter. Here are some ways to keep the mice out of your garage for the winter months so you and your family can go on enjoying this time of year without interruption.

Find the exposed areas of your garage – One of the first steps in getting rid of mice in your garage is to find the areas that they are entering in through. These could be small cracks between your garage floor and wall, pipes, or even underneath the garage door. They can enter in through holes that are smaller than the size of a nickel, so it is important to seal them off to prevent these critters from making a home in your space.

Keep your trash secure – Since mice have an incredibly keen sense of smell, it is essential to secure your trash pails from where they can enter. Securing your garage cans means that you need to fully close your bins or bag your trash tightly to prevent any smell from emanating.

Use peppermint oil – If you have done the above bullet points in preventing mice from entering your garage, try using peppermint oil to keep them away. Since their noses are extremely sensitive, the pungency of peppermint oil will keep them away from your garage. Try placing the essential oil on cotton puffs near the areas where the mice are most likely to enter.

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What Kind of Flooring Your Garage Needs

Genie garage doorRemodeling your home, let alone your garage can be a difficult task to take on if you have never had to do any renovations before. Your garage can be a particularly challenging area to remodel, depending on what you use it to store. Specifically, picking out the right flooring for your garage can be a little tricky, but we have some things to consider when you are picking out your garage’s new flooring.

Will you need to coat it or cover it? – The first thing you will need to consider when shopping for garage flooring is if you need to coat it or cover it completely. This solely depends on the current condition of your garage floor. If it is an old, weathered floor with lots of places that need patching, a complete cover will help to make it brand new. If it is in relatively good shape but needs a new look, coating might be a good route to go down.

What type of coat or cover do you need? – If you decide that your garage need a covering, there are a few different options that you can go about installing. Since it is a covering, you can have roll-out, mat or tiled flooring. If you are only looking to do a coating on your garage floor, you can opt for concrete floor paint, durable epoxy paint, stain, or sealants.

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The Benefits of an Insulated Garage

garage doors Denton TXThere’s no denying it: autumn is here, and winter is on its way. With the coldest months of the year right around the corner, it is important to start looking at how your garage could benefit from a little extra insulation. While there are many benefits, regardless of what season you are in, of insulating your garage, here are a few that are even more important in chillier temperatures.

Save on energy bills – If your garage is connected to your home, having some insulation – whether in the structure itself or on the door – is crucial to your energy costs during that season. Having added insulation in your garage during the winter months can help to keep your energy costs lower, and also keep cold air from finding its way indoors.

It keeps the rest of your home warm – Not only does insulating your garage keep that area of your home away from the cold; it also keeps the rest of your house warm, too. When you add insulation to an area that is more exposed to the extreme temperatures outdoors than other spaces, it strengthens the rest of your home’s insulation and a barrier to cold as well.

It helps to keep out unwanted visitors – During the winter months, smaller animals that live outdoors are continually seeking out warmth. If there are areas in your garage that are not sealed correctly, these tiny, unwanted visitors could find their way into your garage and possibly into the rest of your home as well. Adding insulation to your garage helps to patch up any of those holes they could make their way through and helps to keep them out of the space they should not occupy.

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Why it’s Important to Always Call the Garage Door Repair Pros

garage door repair Denton TXIf you’re like most homeowners, you understand how difficult it can be to find a handyman that’s not only able to work with your schedule, but is affordable as well. For garage door repairs, there are plenty of resources available for you to figure out what’s wrong with your door. However, for safety purposes, you should always call on a professional for your garage door maintenance. Here are a few reasons why you should keep them on speed dial.

You could put yourself in danger – Certain repairs like bent garage door tracks and garage door spring replacements may seem like they’re a simple fix. Unfortunately, that’s not the case; these repairs should always be handled by a professional because they could put you in danger.

You could cause more damage – Fixing things by yourself may seem like a good idea, but you could be causing more damage by doing so. Calling the professionals in when you need help with your garage door could save you more time and money, as well as more work to do when other problems arise from a DIY fix.

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What Materials You Can Get in Your Next Garage Door

When you’re shopping around for a new garage door, it can be overwhelming to find one that fits your style, budget, and garage needs. Additionally, it can also be very difficult to decide on a material of garage door that fits within these concerns as well because there are so many to choose from. However at Genie Sales & Service Co., we’re right here to help you pick the right garage door material for your new door so that it works correctly, is affordable, and has what you need. Here are some of the different garage door materials to pick from:

garage doors Denton TX


Wooden – These garage doors are trendy right now, and there’s no denying why! They have an old-world, vintage look to them, with a charm that fits right in with farm houses and cottage homes in particular. However, these doors are extremely heavy in weight so it’s important to make sure that your current garage’s structure can support it

Aluminum – This type of garage door material is most common because of its affordable price and rust-resistant qualities. Aluminum garage doors are also relatively light in weight, making them an easy choice for those who have an older garage structure. However since they are considerably light, this also can be an easy way for intruders to get into your garage. Additional safety measures for these types of doors are very important in keeping your family and home safe.

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Weather to Consider for Your Garage Door

Your garage door is this thing that protects you, your garage, and your family from harm outside. Whether the danger outdoors is an intruder or weather, it’s important to have a garage door that will be able to do its job. Weather, unfortunately, is one thing you can’t predict – so it’s even more important to have a garage door that is safe against that. Here are some common weather conditions you need to consider for your garage door.

garage door sales Denton TX


Wind – One of the most damaging types of weather that can occur is any type of storm that involves high winds. These winds can often damage your garage door by denting it inwards or the wind carrying something into the garage door.

Hail – Even though many times hail is something that happens once in a while, it’s important to have sturdy, strong garage door to protect against it. Some materials of garage doors can be easily dented from hail, so it’s important to choose one that will stand up against it.

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What to Do If Your Garage Door Won’t Close

It’s happened to almost everyone who owns a garage: your garage door won’t close all the way and you’re not able to figure out why. If you’re unsure of your next steps in figuring out why it’s not functioning properly, we’ve compiled some checkpoints in investigating the root of the problem.garage door that won’t close

Is it all clear? – Checking to see if something is in the way of your garage door closing is the first step. Many times, it’s something small or not visible to the naked eye that is blocking your garage door from closing. Potentially, something could also be blocking the sensor as well – like dirt or leaves. Make sure everything is clear so it’s able to close fully.

Are the limits in check? – The next checkpoint is checking the opening and closing limits. These help to tell your door how far open and closed it should go. If the limits are too sensitive, it can be reading the garage floor as something that is potentially in the way. Refer back to your opener’s manual to learn more about setting limits correctly.

Are the tracks in line? – Check to see if your tracks are working properly and there’s nothing blocking them either. Additionally, if the tracks are not lubricated enough or are bent in some places, your garage door will not close all the way. Check your door’s tracks and make sure they’re aligned when solving this issue, and it may be a quick fix to get your door to close or open fully again.

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Your Checklist for Maintaining Your Genie Garage Door

If you’re like most homeowners, you have a general maintenance checklist for appliances, systems, and other equipment in your home. Regular maintenance and checkpoints for almost everything in your home is important, especially that of your garage door. Here’s a checklist we’ve put together for you to go through to make sure your garage door is safe and working properly.

  • Make sure the track is clear of any debris, as well as making sure it is well lubricated and not dented.
  • Check when the door is closed for hinges and other parts related to your track, making sure they’re functioning correctly and not damaged.
  • Double-check the cables of your garage door, making sure there’s no fraying, damage, or wear on them.
  • Inspect your garage door’s opening system. Make sure there aren’t any grinding noises or loud, crunching sounds.
  • Make sure your door is opening and closing without any issues. This should be a smooth, fluid movement with little to not pausing.
  • Take a look at the door’s weather stripping, looking closely for any cracks, rips, or gaps.
  • Inspect the outside of your garage door for any chips, scratches, or damage to the exterior. Repair these where necessary.
  • If the outside of the garage door is dirty, do not use a pressure washer or any type of soap to clean it. This can damage the door itself and fade the paint on the outside quicker. Inside, just rinse the door with a hose.


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Garage Door Safety – What You Need to Know

garage door safety tips

Garage doors may not seem like something that could potentially cause you or your family
harm, but things can happen. Whether it’s a broken part on the door or someone not knowing how to use it correctly, it’s important to have safety at the forefront of your mind when around your garage door. Here are some tips on how to keep you and your family safe, as well as things to do to make sure you’re operating your garage door system properly.

Do not allow children to be near the garage door unattended – While this may seem like an obvious precaution, things can happen within a blink of an eye when you’re not on your guard 100%. It’s crucial your child’s safety to not allow them to be operating or around your garage door without the presence of an adult.

Receive regular service – When it comes to maintaining your garage door, regular maintenance to the system by a professional is essential in keeping everyone safe from mishaps. The garage door specialist is able to see things that may need to be replaced and tweaked, and these could potentially be things you’re not seeing at eye-level. Keep yourself, your family, and your property safe by having a professional come in to inspect your garage door occasionally.

Read your owner’s manual – It’s important to know how your garage door operates to not only keep you and your family safe, but maintain the quality of the door as well. Reading the owner’s manual helps to give you a better understanding of how your door system operates, and what safety precautions need to be taken in order to keep everyone out of harm’s way.

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The Right Garage Door Opener for Your Home

remote control garage door opener

When it comes to deciding on the type of garage door opener that your home needs, there are plenty of different factors to consider. Whether it’s deciding on a replacement or buying an opener for the first time, there are various options, styles, and types for you to consider. Here are some tips to help you decide on the best garage door opener for your home.

Deciding the type – There are a variety of different types of garage door openers, from belt-drive to direct drive openers. Each type has a different functionality and depending on if you’re replacing a previous opener or not, this could play into what you need. Other things like door material and weight also play into deciding the type.

Speed – The speed of your garage door opener is also a factor you need to consider. The speed and power of the opener is measured in horsepower ratings (HP). The material and weight of the door apply here in deciding which one is best, as well as the type of garage you have (one car or two car).

Features – The features of your potential garage door opener also play into your decision-making process. Certain features like remotes, keypads, and security lights are all things you need to consider when purchasing an opener. In addition, things like if there’s a backup battery, if there are rail extensions, and if there’s an auto-close feature also factor into your purchase too.

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